ICTRD Small Sponsorship scheme

This is a Council fund intended to support events in India that help to develop community cohesion and reinforce Technical, cultural or economic growth. The fund is awarded by the working Committee of ICTRD. The best part of this scheme is that, organizers can apply for SSS by filling Only one page form. and It can be processed in two working days. Also Instant approval can be given to events where ICTRD is partnering the event or any working committee member is invited as a speaker/ Chief guest/ Guest of Honor in that.

Applicant Eligibility criteria

Applicant must be able to meet all the criteria stipulated in the guidelines.

  1. Applicant/ organisation must be: any Educational Institution/ Department; ICTRD Student Chapter; Student or Youth Associations that is Incorporated Society (certificate or documentation of proof must be supplied); Trust or Association (please supply documentation); Unincorporated community group or an Umbrella organisation with local branches. Council is unable to issue funds directly to individual recipients.

  2. Event Eligibility: Take place within the city of INDIA where any of ICTRD working committee member resides or having office there.

  3. Organizers should have a detailed and realistic marketing and / or promotional plan on paper. Poster / Backdrop Draft must be enclosed with the application.

  4. One Organization with same event in the same financial year, is not eligible to apply.

General Terms -

  1. Events which have started before an application is approved by the Committee will not been charted through this scheme.

  2. Event Organizers should keep ICTRD's logo on prominent positions on Backdrop, Event flyers, banners, hordings etc.

  3. Events where ICTRD's any genral body member or expert is invited as a chief guest, guest speaker, guest of honor will be given priority.

  4. ICTRD Reserved rights to approve or reject application with or without giving reason to applicant.

  5. Events that have no economic or community benefit; Events solely run for commercial purposes; Events promoting religion or political purposes; Regularly scheduled (for example Saturday Clubs) are not eligible to apply under this scheme.

How To apply

  1. Download the Application form by clicking this link.

  2. Please send properly filled form and supporting documents to ictrd@egov.ind.in

  3. Take followup from any ICTRD's Hon. General body Members or by sending mails.

  4. You will be notified if your application is approved. The payment will be processed in 2 working days after that.