Procedures for Affiliation & Accreditation

        1.    Applicant will submit a Letter of Intent ICTRD Secretariat or fill the Online Affiliation / Accreditation form.

        2.    ICTRD Secretariat will respond and ask for application fee as per category and give list of requirements /

        3.    Applicant will submit requirements.

  •   Copy of registration papers of Company/ Firm/ Institution.

       Copy of constitution and by-laws.

       Annual report for the past two years.

       Information about available products and Services.

       Quality Certificate or Certificate of Satisfied Services from clients.

       Copy of brochure, publication or write-up (If Any).

       Audited financial statements for the past two years (Case Specific).

       Board Resolution of intent to apply for affiliation of ICTRD.

       Reference Certificate of any ICTRD Member.

       Note: Requirements may vary for Accreditation and Certification process.

        4.    ICTRD Regional Cluster Representative will conduct background check on applicant and if will issue
               endorsement of the application.

        5.    The application will be presented to the ICTRD Board of Trustees who will discuss and approve the

        6.    If the result is positive, Certificate of Affiliation will be awarded after collection of Affiliation Fees.