ICTRD Major Duties

ICTRD is the Indian-international organization formed with the vision to moderate technical era by involving entities from ground level individuals to established institutions. ICTRD aims to develop new standards in technical affairs with the help of research and quality analysis of technological dealings. ICTRD work with Individuals, industries, Institutions, Societies, Government and Non-Government organizations to find superior solutions about their respected area challenges.

ICTRD is doing research on various technical issues by promoting research related activities among individuals and organizations. ICTRD also grant sponsorships for various research activities, by evaluating the need and pre-execution reports of any related project. The aim behind this action is to develop positive approach in research and development activities in any department.

ICTRD Analyze and provide certification for individuals as well as various organizations. The quality and risk management factors are handled better by ICTRD certified individuals and companies. ICTRD online exams are more popular among individuals and corporate professionals.

Our goal is to serve the technical consciousness by contributing to the development of high-quality standards and procedures. Industries who are Facilitating the adoption and implementation of high-quality standards described by ICTRD, will be awarded by our affiliations.

We think that, if we want 100 % success in our goal, We must involve each and every layer of society in research related routines. Hence ICTRD hosts many Non technical, social, spiritual and cultural activities, so that general people may take interest in research kind of activities.

Our international offers research outcomes and state-of-the-art recommendations to technical practitioners, managers, public information services and those responsible for online communities and social media policies. We aim to publish integrated scientific results so that further research may be targeted quicker and easier.