Starting a ICTRD Chapter

ICTRD chapters can be established at colleges and universities that Technical, bachelor or higher degrees and are accredited by the appropriate national or regional accrediting agencies.

If you would like to start a chapter at your college or university, email our president on to request an official chapter petition form. (Note: The petition form will be mailed only to a qualified faculty member. Students wishing to start a chapter must first find a faculty member willing to serve as the chapter sponsor.)

A complete chapter application must include:

The official charter petition signed by the college or university president (or respective dean), the department chair, at least six students who meet the requirements for membership, and the faculty member who will serve as chapter sponsor;

A letter of endorsement and approval from the president of the college or university; and

A Rs.2000 or $50 chartering fee.


It takes approximately three weeks to review and approve a petition to start a chapter.

If you have any questions about chartering a chapter at your institution, please email